Chaos Rings for iOS: Not a Review, Just an Honest Opinion

Chaos Rings Honest Review

So I FINALLY finished Chaos Rings, which I’ve had installed for a month now.

Oh, you don’t know what Chaos Rings is? Well, in that case…

Chaos Rings is an RPG made and released by Square-Enix EXCLUSIVELY for the iOS. It’s a beautifully-done game that sets the bar high for graphics-driven mobile RPGs, and gives you a fairly-decent story to follow (although, of course, not as epic as the Final Fantasy plots). Without spoiling the storyline for you, what I can say is that in the game, you follow 4 pairs of people contending in the “Ark Arena”. Each pair has a story that unfolds as you play, and to understand more about the whole plot and purpose of the Ark Arena, you’ll have to play through each and every one of them.

Okay, let’s stop there. So I’ve recently finished Chaos Rings… Yep, I played through the game FOUR TIMES to understand everything. Sure, finishing the game with a pair gives you an ending, but it just seemed defeatist of me if I didn’t force myself to press on! So I did… And boy was it dragging!!! The gameplay was pretty much the same every time, and you’d face a monster a hundred times, even more in total if you go through all campaigns! But if you can look PAST the repetition, PAST beating those bosses AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN… Then this is actually a really descent RPG for the iOS!

Okay, now I’m done with the negatives…The positive is that it’s a well thought-of story, and the way characters react differently to each other in each playthrough kept me going, wanting to know more about the story and what was truly behind the 4 poor captivated souls’ torment in the Ark Arena.
Although it may be overpriced, in my opinion, at $12.99, it still has the elements of a good RPG, as expected from the master of all RPG-producing companies, Square-Enix.
I can truly say I’ll be waiting for another original from them for the iOS.

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