iPhone Review – Dungeon Raid: Ver. 1.3

Of all the apps that I’ve downloaded over the 5 months of having this iPhone of mine, Dungeon Raid is a game that got (and still has) me hooked day after day after day after day… Well, you get the picture.

Currently priced at $2.99 (got it on sale for 99₵ a couple of months ago), Dungeon Raid puts a spin on the “match 3 or more” puzzle genre, putting in role-playing elements such as skills, levelling-up, and just plain surviving wave after wave of enemies trying to catch you when you’re ill-equipped to survive that turn. Different tile symbols are “collected” and added to meters that help you survive the turns to come. Shields build up your “Upgrade” meter to add buffs to your equipment. Coins fill up the “Coin” meter that lets you buy stronger items in the item shop. Enemy skulls, when defeated, give you “Xp” that levels you up and lets you pick 2 out of a list of 4 skills or stat buffs. Each skull has an armour and life value that you must outmatch with your own attack and damage-per-sword values (matching swords and skulls stack up the damage given to all matched skulls). I find it hard to actually explain the game in-depth, ‘coz it’s an experience that you have to dive in and try for yourself!












Now on to the update… Last week (the week of March 13th) Fireflame Games actually came out with a TOTALLY GAME-CHANGING update that adds races, classes, and perks to the mix, not to mention the added 75 achievements for all you purpose-driven iPhone gamers! This game just really rewards you for playing it more and more each day by allowing you to level up classes so you can change stock skills, stock perks, and even use the race for a different class! Oh, and did I mention that each class and race has different bonuses that just adds to the strategic element of this game? It’s a total strategy/puzzle/RPG BONANZA! While playing the game with the update effective, I found that unlocking classes and perks were part of the thrill, so I’ll leave you to discover exactly what races and classes are included.

This is where you edit a class before starting

This game can take a day, possibly a few days, to wrap up; depending on the time you invest in it and just the overall build of your character for turn-survival. If you don’t plan ahead before diving into a new game, skill choices and upgrade choices can make or break your game plan. Personally I find it easier to focus on hoarding Xp, Up, or Coin depending on the perks/bonuses my character has. Powering up early on and getting the right skills in is the key to getting past the first 100 turns. My suggestion is to never neglect armour and luck… A solid defence only gives you more room for offence.

GRAB IT NOW! It’s a Must-Have app for casual gamers and RPG-lovers of all ages!

‘Til next time bruthahs!


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