Graaaaaaauuugh, iPhoooooone!!!!!

Heeeeey all!!!!

I’m back and I’m blogging again! Something new that’s been going on the past term is that I’ve joined the bandwagon and become an Apple junky!!!!!

Yes, you’ve probably guessed by the title of this first blog of the year that I have gotten myself a new iPhone 4, and I had NO IDEA how I’ve been living my life without this powerful device!

Initially i thought it would just be a plethora of levels higher of an upgrade from my old phone, but for the past month and a half that I’ve had this device, it’s become the most amazing gaming platform I’ve ever owned (with the Xbox 360’s Kinect following right behind it).

This is a glimpse of future blog entries that will not just cover some of the iPhone apps I’ve tried, but mostly games I’ve worked my way through from the iOS!

Btw, watch out for my Kinect game features as well!

Catch ya later, peeps!


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