Comic Con Count: TOYS TOYS TOYS!!!!! (3/3)

8) Diamond Select Toys had a showcase on the floor of their Marvel Select action figure line. One huge THING caught my attention though…

What a Thing!

I knew they were coming out with this a while back, but I think it’s out now! This’d go really well with the Hulk figure I already have! More importantly, though, are the Mini-Mates Exclusives that they showed!

X-Force of the 90's, oh yeah!

X-Men from the 90's too!

These guys are awesome, as they seem to bring back memories from the 90’s comic/cartoon line. For a while, I forgot how good Bishop and Jubillee looked back in the day. I also forgot that Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth, used to be part of X-Force along with Cable and Dominique and… Feral, was it? Oh man, I’ve got to brush up on my X-Universe!

9) We move on to the company Bifbangpow!, which manufactures doll-like figures and bobbleheads, mostly. With them, The Venture Bros. are FINALLY getting more than just a renewal of their cartoon contract! Here’s a taste of what figures are coming out this August!

The Doc and Brock Samson!

The Monarch and Dean Venture!

21 & 24

As you can tell, these figures will be exactly as you’d imagine them to be in figure-form, only softer. I’m kinda disappointed with how Brock turned out, but the joints seem to give extra flexibility for posing, so that evens things out. The SDCC Exclusive 21 and 24 figures look sweet, though, and I can already imagine myself reenacting the funny awkward moments between the two. a great 5/5 for Casual Buyers out there who have seen and are fans of the Venture Bros. Universe!

While we’re at the realm of this company, I might as well include the Figures they previewed from Lost!

Ben and Kate!

Hurley and Locke

It’s cool how they got most of the facial features right, but the bodies just make them look awkward! Still, I’d get the latter two, Hurley and Locke, just cause they do look pretty cool…

The SDCC Exclusive Jacob and The Man In Black Figures from Lost do look accurate enough in portraying the look of their real-life counterparts:

Jacob and The Man In Black from Lost show all 8-inches of each other

It’s friggin’ Lost, but they ain’t Charlie or a variant of Hurley, so I’ll give them a 2/5 Casual Buyer’s Ranking just because I’m just not a fan of the way the figures look.

Life’s been empty without the confusion that is Lost, but its story lives on forever in our hearts!

10) Mattel does have a ton of cartoon/movie lines that they handle, but none are more prominent at the Con than their 3 main ones: Masters of the Universe, Ghost, and DC Universe!

Masters of the Universe had Orco and Prince Adam out for exclusives too, but what sweaped the floor was the Mo-Larr and Skeletor 2-pack!

Skeletor V.s. Mo-Larr!!!!

This set is AWESOME, haha, a real treat for boys and girls who hate the dentist! I’d say that the Casual Buyer’s Ranking for this would be around 3-4/5 easily!

For Ghost Busters, we can really skip this, because all it had that caught my eye was the Ecto-1 Hot Wheels Version.

The Ecto-1

Not really something I’d want, but sure, let’s give it a 2/5 for impulsive buyers, maybe.

Now, for the DC Comics line, we have the Starro set with the Justice League. Bundled together with this is a cool set of 5 Starro Spores that attatch to the faces of any DC Character!!!!

Starro with the Justice League!!!! HOW AWESOME!

Starro Spores that attatch to either your figures' faces, or on your finger!

Now THIS is something I’d definitely give a 5/5 to for Casual Buyers! It’s the whole idea of buying a SET of figures that draws me, and what makes it even more awesome is that it’s an Exclusive!

Honourable Mentions here are the figures of the DC Universe Classics line, which involve movie Jonah Hex and Kyle Rayner in the green and black movie-themed costume. The figures for this build-a-figure wave will be able to make a Bane figure. AWESOME guy, really. What’s better than owning a toy of the villain who broke Batman’s back like a twig?!? Sure, I’d mention that they’re planning on releasing a whole line of Green Lantern toys to go with the movie, and that even the Legion of Super Heroes are getting in on the action for the DC Universe Classsics line, but really, nothing tops Bane.

11) Other SDCC Exclusives worth noting are the following:

Retro Tron!

This Tron figure pays hommage to the classic Tron movie cult classic. It shows Tron reaching for a disc, ready to play, enclosed in a miniature arcade cabinet. The packaging alone is pretty creative and cool already. I wouldn’t mind having this on my shelf. The overall Casual Buyer’s Rating for this would be 2/5 though, because I’m not so certain people will find this appealing right now. When the movie hits, though, we might be seeing this item’s price go up.

Nibbler in his space suit!

This plushie is of Nibbler from Futurama! For those who don’t know, Nibbler becomes Leela’s pet early on in the series. Little do they know that this guy has a secret, besides being able to crap fuel for their ship!

I’d say that the Casual Buyer’s Rating for this is 3/5, just because of its cute-factor. I think maybe a Zoidberg plushie would outsell this one, though.

That Nerd from Robot Chicken

I admit to watching Robot Chicken quite a bit, and nothing embodies “awkward nerd” as much as this guy over here (and no, I’m not talking about myself). The Nerd from Robot Chicken is one of those figures you can do without, but is something you kinda want your friends to recognize when they see it on your shelf; something to the effect of owning maybe 1 or 2 Family Guy or Futurama figures. This kicks off the plans they revealed about bringing out their own line of toys. Shown so far are The Mad Scientist with the Robot Chicken, The Humping Robot with his very own Washing Machine, as well as The Candy Bear stuck in a beartrap. First and foremost, I’d give The Nerd a 2/5, a possible 3 if you can grab it for cheap and have extra space for your travels home. Might as well, right?

Well, that ends our run of the toys that I found interesting from the 2010 San Diego Comic Con! If I missed anything, I guess I’ll be randomly blogging about it soon.

Next up are the big video game highlights, so see ya then!


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