Comic Con Count: TOYS TOYS TOYS!!!!! (2/3)

6) Sideshow Collectibles, popular for their 12-inch run on G.I. Joe (I drooled over the Cobra Commander one here), showed some interesting stuff at the Con. One thing on display that caught my eye was the Red Ninja. WOOT!!!!

Red Ninja sweetness!

Although not an SDCC exclusive, it’s going to be available early next year, although you can preorder it NOW!

There were 2 other G.I. Joe-related Statues shown on the floor, and they are Zartan&Flint and Snake Eyes V.s. Red Ninjas!

Zartan and Flint

Stupid Ninjas don't know when to quit!

On Marvel’s camp, they showed a bit of Green this time around with The Hulk and She-Hulk.

Hulking out!


I’m a HUGE Hulk fan, so I wouldn’t mind grabbing them both when I have enough cash for it. The good thing about Sideshow Statues is that most of them have bases that blend well with each other, which is cool when trying to figure out where to place them on shelves.

For SDCC Exclusives, Sideshow’s got The Clone Lieutenant from Star Wars, a Skrull Spider-Woman bust, and The Robot Mouser from TMNT that’re worth a looksie.

Clone Wars never looked so good. I mean NEVER, up until this fig, haha!

One of the best all-out-war crises to happen to the Marvel Universe started with this woman.

Mouser! Oh joy... I remember beating these things up in video games!

These exclusives are interesting, as they cater to totally different fanboys. I give Spider-Woman a 2/5, just ’cause if you don’t read comics, you probably don’t know what this is all about (read up on The Secret Invasion story arc of Marvel). Mouser gets a 2/5 as well, because even if I’m not currently a big TMNT fan, I still was when I was a kid, and seeing this statue gives me nostalgia. The clone lieutenant, though, gets an easy 3/5 because I’d get one if I had enough cash left around! I’m still more of a G.I. Joe/Super Hero fan, though, before Star Wars.

7) DC Direct brings us the awesome Batman Arkham Asylum figures based off the video game of the same name for Xbox 360 and PS3. Frankly, they look AMAZING.

Armored Batman from the game

Zsasz... I have no clue who this is... I guess I need to buy the game!

Poison Ivy from the game... Hmm, different...


Okay, how do I say this…. GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!! BANE IS AWESOOOOOME!!!!!! These are coming out in Feb next year still, but I’d grab Batman just so I can grab and pose Bane with him!!!!!! For now, they just released an SDCC Exclusive Battle-damaged Batman from the game (not pictured here). Boo.

One thing I’ve got to mention here since we’re on-topic is the All-Star Batman and Robin mini-statue they showed, which is just awesome!

I’d love to have it on my desk next year!



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