Comic Con Count: TOYS TOYS TOYS!!!!! (1/3)

Hey there everyone! The Geekaround here, watching the San Diego Comic Con 2010 sadly from my house up North here in Canada because I totally forgot that I promised myself I’d go this year! (Next year, you wait!)

Now that the biggest International Con’s done for the year, I’ve got a load of things to mention here, so I’ll separate the big highlights into their main categories; Toys, Games, and Comics/Movies. Get ready for some Comic Con ’10 Recap Madness!!!!!

Here’s a list of the toys (both exclusive and previewed) that caught my eye through the Comic Con coverages I’ve seen/read:

1) As soon as preview night was on, one name stood out among the toy releases this year… GALACTUS!

Big-ass Galactus Box!

Big-ass Galactus Card!

All I can say about this figure is that this thing is HUGE! I mean, sure, it’s not BIG big, considering it’s part of the 3.5inch line of Marvel Universe figures, but it sure stands tall! I’d say that the casual buyer’s* rating for this would be around 3/5 stars, given that there are probably a lot more stuff worth covetting around the Con. But then again, it depends on the personal preference of the collector with setting priority to these Marvel figures. I’m just not a HUGE Galactus story-arc fan. I’m more of a Hulk/Thor/Avengers guy.

*I use “Casual Buyer” to refere to myself or any other person who have a certain style they collect and brand/toy-line they follow, but scout the store/room for cool stuff to purchase in general.

2) Who haven’t heard of the Mighty Muggs Vinyl Collectible Figures yet? If somebody denies ever hearing about it, they probably at one time saw the figures already and exclaimed “this is cool” in a very non-enthusiastic manner. For the comic con, a Comic Con ’10 Exclusive Iron Man Mighty Mugg joins the ranks of the ever-growing Marvel line, and Prowl joins in on the Transformers line!

Iron Man Mugg with sculpted helmet contours, exclusive to SDCC '10!

Generation-1 Prowl Mighty Mugg, exclusive to SDCC '10!

AWESOME figures, with Iron Man having the sculpted helmet features rarely seen on any commercially available Mighty Mugg as of now (at least I think that it’s the only one with this style so far? Seen it on custom Muggs, though), and Prowl just looks awesome, period. I give Iron Man a Casual Buyer’s Rating of 4/5 and Prowl a 5/5 stars. Iron Man falls short of Prowl just because I already own the series-1 Iron Man (a personal favorite of mine) and have the War Machine variant of the Muggs they released tied in with Iron Man 2. Prowl’s awesome because he just adds to my collection of Transformer Muggs! (For those out there who’re willing to sell their Muggs to me, message me here, because I’m looking for the following Muggs besides the newly-introduced Prowl above: The Punisher, Thor, The Human Torch, Comic Con ’09 Exclusive Logan, Doc Octopus, Autobot Jazz, Soundwave, Yoda and Darth Vader)

3) From Hasbro’s Marvel Universe line, they’ve released the SDCC Exclusives Ages of Thunder Thor, Movie Spider-man (meh), and WWII Captain America.

Thor's Ages of Thunder Variant SDCC '10 Exclusive

Spider-man Movie Variant SDCC '10 Exclusive

Captain America WWII Variant SDCC '10 Exclusive

Okay, in the eye of the Casual Buyer, I’d give Thor and Cap a 5/5, but I’d give Spidey a 1/5. You gotta admit, Thor looks so toned that he’s break out of the packaging all by himself if you weren’t looking, and Cap’s just cool because he looks like he can double up as a G.I. Joe. Spidey… Well, the movies weren’t that great (the sequels, anyway), so it just seems stupid to buy this if you can nab one of the cool-looking normal commercial ones that come with web-lines.

I’ve got to mention Archangel, which is one of the few figures coming out at the end of the month (wait, that’s this weekend!!!!), simply because it looks exactly like the Archangel 6-inch figure I had from long ago!

Archangel coming out this week supposedly

Another figure I just saw and am hunting down is the Juggernaut figure. It’s large and in-charge! You be the judge.

Big Bad Juggernaut figure, out there somewhere right now.

4) From The G.I. Joe camp comes The SDCC Exclusive Sgt. Slaughter from his WWF days, with a variant from the cartoon series.

Sgt. Slaughter G.I. Joe, WWF Style!

Sgt. Slaughter Normal G.I. Joe Variant. Funny how THIS is variant to the WWF one...

Casual Buyer Rating for this guy’s probably 5/5 for both, and I’d quickly purchase these immediately on the fly if I had the chance! I’ve gotta keep my G.I. Joe shelf growing, ya know? And this slaughter looks a lot more “classic” than the most recent versions of him. A quick note: Sgt. Slaughter was actually THERE and signing at the Con this year!

5) Technically, this should be coupled together with Prowl up above, but I just thought it’d be neat to just talk about specific things separately. This one’s an exclusive Autobot Blaster Transformer with Eject (the robot), Steeljaw (the lion), and Ramhorn (the rhino).

SDCC Exclusive Blaster with Steeljaw, Ramhorn, and Eject

Although not really up there in my wanted-list, Blaster scores a 2/5 in my Casual Buyer’s Rating, because he’s way better than the Spidey fig above. I’m pretty sure that if I had money to burn, and if I was an actual hardcore Transformers fan, I’d grab one. Just my preference, kids!



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