Update… Psych!

I’ve not been blogging much at all, and I find myself scavenging for ideas for what to put here, since most of the stuff I find on the net I use for my personal uplifting (kill me now, hell week every week).

What to say… Well, I’ve found a way to play Final Fantasy 7-9… Gosh, I haven’t played these games in so long… And I only get to play games in 15-minute intervals between studying and my social life (which just got a lot more intense, woohoo). Maybe I’ll write a bit on Final Fantasy next time… But for now, I’m really hungry 😦

I’d say “follow me on twitter”, but I don’t have a blackberry or iPhone, which makes me a loser, and which also doesn’t allow me to “tweet” on the go, like everyone else.

Laterz Skaterz, study-time!


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