Update and Swaziland

I know I haven’t been blogging for the longest time, as I’ve found myself less and less active online nowadays. School’s start, a new house, a new commuting-route, newly-formed friendships, and newly-acquired super-powers seem to be holding me back. But having that said, I have loads of free time up in the mountain-province I go to university at (Mount Doom), so I’ll try my best to add up funny/interesting stuff at least once a week*!

Having that said, I was doing some reading for my Social Psychology class (which I hate because my professor has a Ph. D. in Lullabies), and I came across a certain study that involved SWAZILAND. Yes, in time for the 2nd (or 1st?) week of The Swayze’s death, I find out that there IS a Kingdom of Swayzeland. I mean, Swaziland.

Yep, that's The Swayze's poster for Dirty Dancing in the East

Yep, that's The Swayze's poster for Dirty Dancing in the East

Swaziland, known also as Ngwane, is, sadly, not governed by King Swayze. His name has been used by tourguides and travel agencies on a couple of occasions, usually to arouse curiosity enough to visit such an unknown place. Their main industry would be agriculture, although due to constant droughts throughout the year, their output tends to be low. They are, like Swayze, pretty pro at longevity despite disease (HIV for the Swazilians, sadly, as many African countries). I guess if I’ve sparked up your curiosity, you could see the writeup for yourself at wikipedia (because I was honestly too lazy to read it all through).

The most awesomest, Swayze-est photo I could find

The most awesomest, Swayze-est photo I could find

I hope, with my little (okay, VERY little) presentation on the Kingdom of Swaziland, I’ve created awareness for the existence of ghosts that talk to Whoopie Golberg and haunt Demi Moore as she sleeps with her baby Ashton at home.

P.S. Seriously, though, R.I.P. Patrick Swayze; you were awesome in Ghost. And the theme song was awesome too!

*Got this quota idea from my buddy 100%Fresh, who has a better grasp on non-geek culture than I do. Be sure to check him out!


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