FTW KOREA: So It’s Come To This…

Every now and then, there’s something new that comes right up my alley… Lately, things have been pretty new, and I’m still settling with the new arrangements life’s brought me, including school, a new house, and other things wonderful. But this month brings one thing in particular that’s keeping me busy on youtube… KOREAN POP GROUPS! Girls’ Generation, to be precise.


Huhuhuhu, now what has become of me… And it all started with my curiosity, when a friend from gym posted a link to one of their live performances…What’s sad is the realization that the girls in this group are all younger than me, probably by a good 2 years. That’s when you know you’re old, my friends, that’s when you know…

The other groups I’m trying to get out of my head would be Wonder Girls, 2NE1 (“To anyone”, what the frick, such an ingenius name), and 4 Minutes. For now, I’m perfectly content with Girls’ Generation, though, and probably just those songs “Nobody” and “Tell Me” from Wonder Girls.

Ooooooh Korea… FTW.


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