People Who Collect…

Just for fun, every once in a while, I hit youtube and watch vids of collectors and their huge video game or toy collection… At the end of the video, I always end up realizing how much money they have to burn on such things!

I’m not trying to put them down or anything, since I do have a bit of a toy collection myself… But it just seems that most of their cash goes to a bad hoarding habit. In the following videos, you will see different people I actually subscribed to so I could watch them vicariously as they spend all the cash I’d personally allot for dates or feeding myself or books for school…

This guy has LOADS of PS3 games, not to mention 2 PS3 models. Each game would probably be around $60-70 each, $40-50 used…

This guy’s a video game geek who L.O.V.E.s Sonic The Hedgehog. ‘Nuff said.

This guy’s got tons of consoles and retro stuff, and he even shouts out to his fellow hardcore video game-geeks. I often wonder how these guys would look like if they actually spent on fashion or, I dunno, more superficial stuff than objects outside of their own existence.

And THIS is what happens to those who don’t keep their hobbies in-check… This is the saddest thing that can happen to any collector.

Anyhoo, yeah, you know what, in hard times, save the cash, use it on something more practical. If you earn enough to support the hobby, go ahead and splurge. But for now, I don’t think it’s practical, be it for a family man, student, or simple average geek with a job.


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