Gotta Catch ‘Em All? Digimon!

Oh, I know what’s been going on in everyone’s minds… When will the Pokemania ever end? The answer is NEVER, because as long as the human race spawn offpring, and as long as Pikachu remains cute, there’s will always be Pokemania.

What I did want to talk about was how I remember different franchises trying to get in on the whole “collecting monsters” type of mechanic (and failing to gain massive god-like status, of course). Thus I give you a new segment to be added to my ever-growing collection of monster-blogger-posts: “Gotta Catch Em All”.

Today’s monsters: DIGIMON!

Digimon---Cast-Shot-Poster-C10039735I want this to be brief and not-so-in-depth since I am NOT, I repeat NOT one of them hardcore fans of such stuff and find it distasteful to talk intensively about something I’m not adept to. But then again, I’ve got to admit that I was part of those Pokemon Masters back in school who saw Digimon as a new fad when it was premiering on TV in 1999, only to be crushed by the fact that it really wasn’t that good. Yep, sadly, the whole concept and character lineup was promising, but didn’t hold up to everyone’s expectations.

You know what the problem was? The dubbing… Since I lived in the Philippines, I guess it could be pardoned that the dubbers sounded like our native speakers trying their (laughable) best to read and speak in english. I’ve been trying to find the ones dubbed and released back there so I can post it here, but they all seem to be dubbed right in Youtube… Dang Disney Channel. Bottomline was that I stopped watching after episode 5 or something (surprising that I lasted that long). I remember hearing their plural usage of the word “Digimons” and cringing. What the hell. “Digimons”? You don’t say “Pokemons, gotta catch ’em all!”

Anyhoo, yes, that was a fail, so it didn’t catch on in the Philippines and I think got cancelled after 1 season… Apparently they went over 5 seasons (or versions, whatever you wanna call it). All I really know was that first season and the fact that they had actual Digimon Battle Cards to battle it out with the Pokemon Cards. Of course, Pokemon dominated that, but I’ve gotta say that the PS1 Digimon Battle Cards game was a hit for me (and still is, actually). Cool concept, poor real-world application. Oh well, Digimon, you were a fail. At least you got your name out, yeah?

Anyone feel the same way about this sonovagun? Comment right bellow yo!


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  1. I used to feel the same when it first came out, but the Playstation gane, Digimon World, was really-really good. Completely different to Pokemon, diff game system, you didn’t catch them, and only raised one. Its weird that the games remained consistantly fairly decent lol.

    The anime was…. well I like it better now I think lol. Only 3 series were any good, after that it got baaaaad. I think it had a better overall plot than Pokemon ever did…. as Pokemon really was just, Ash having a battle-Pikachu being stolen by Team Rocket-Pikachu being gotten back lol. Dont remember much plot otherwise, I seem to remember more of Digimon’s through plot… odd… Loved Pokemon waaaaaaaay more than I liked Digimon tho. Twas below Medabots & other series of the time on the scale of importance haha.

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