WTF JAPAN: Portable Bubble Wrap

10:30pm and I’m trying to find ways to kill the remaining hours of today. Thank you Japan for giving me something to actually think about.



Made by the Kawakawa/Kawakami Industrial Corporation in 2007, Eternal Pop Pop (marketed as “Eternal Poppety-Pop in the west) targeted… Okay, EVERYONE.It got popular enough for it to be featured as a Nintendo Wii game, which even allowed you to pop music out of bubble wrap in pop pop piano mode.

When someone sees bubble wrap, I know that person’s first urge is to POPOPOPOPOPOPOP. I kinda feel envious of actual bubble wrap manufacturers, those guys who actually handle the product, and those who have to wrap the darn objects in them. what makes everyone so sure they don’t pop ’em themselves? They’re like frickin’ pokemon out of Japan… Gotta pop ’em all! WTF, Japan…


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