G.I. Joe: Summer’s Best

Call me a sucker for action movies, but this is the real deal. G.I. Joe is THE best action/nostalgia flick this summer!

You’ve seen the trailer a couple of billion times, but here’s another look at it, for the 1,000,000,001st time:

I myself was skeptical at first, not wanting to see the movie after I saw them don the Delta Accelerator Suits. I thought that the Joes without their classic costumes would be a load of bull to watch, but apparently I was wrong. The introduction of the Delta Suits in the trailer made the whole thing sound tacky, something typical of military/technology-based movies. It turns out that the suits were incorporated into the story at just the right moment and amount of screentime; they weren’t in the whole movie enough to actually make it seem like they relied on it. So for those who thought the suits were corny from the trailer, they’re the least of your worries, and even enhanced the action scenes they were in, as a matter of fact.

Them Delta Alpha Sigma Chai Tea Latte Suits

Them Delta Alpha Sigma Chai Tea Latte Suits

The $12 was well worth it, sitting 20mins too early in the then-empty movie theater. I could see each and every one of the other audience members coming in, and I could tell we were all united in being fans of the franchise. I jokingly wore a Transformers t-shirt, with the question “am I in the wrong movie?” written all over my face. The anticipation and excitement for the movie was part of the overall experience of a hardcore Joe fan. Hasbro’s done a very good job keeping my interests high for when this movie came out.

Damn you Hasbro

Damn you Hasbro

I’m really stopping myself from spoiling anything else, so I’ll cut this short and, instead of being a movie review, I ‘ll keep it as a movie recommendation instead. G.I. Joe looked like it was going to disappoint due to lack of hardcore true-to-comic/cartoon basis, but with the amount of action in every screen, you won’t be disappointed. The sheer vastness of locations was beautifully presented, with military bases that begs the question, “what does the government keep under our feet?”. If you’re looking for classic Joe weaponry, look no further than in Snake Eyes’ arsenal of weapons, and of course Scarlett’s crossbow. Man, this movie’s got it all, from satisfying the younger generation’s thirst for blood, to randomly bringing about nostalgic parts of G.I. Joe semi-history which incorporates the old facts with new profiles.

Scarlett, you don't disappoint. Ever.

Scarlett, you don't disappoint. Ever.

Well… Now you know…


And knowing is half the battle!

Yo Joe!


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