Grand Tourismo On PSP!!!!


They’ve been talking about this since the earlier part of this decade, when Nokia tried to get on the gaming bandwagon with its Nokia N-gage. FAIL. Now that it’s actually coming, I don’t know what to make of it! GRAND TOURISMO ON PSP! This is surely going to be something, especially if they’ve fit everything, from arcade to simulation mode, into one full PSP game. Now that’s something.

Grand Tourismo will be released at the same time PSP Go comes out, which is a souped-up version of the PSP, complete with slide-out controls and a full wide screen. Here’s the trailer that showcases both the PSP Go and GT:

“Over 800 cars, 35 tracks, 60 variations, car trading and sharing, Ad-hoc head to head…

GRAND TOURISMO: The Real Driving Simulator”

VOOT VOOT! That trailer was shown in this year’s E3, and it got a lot of us pretty excited. I have to admit, I’m not really a car-geek who knows all the parts like the names of the veins that run through my neck, but I sure have a need for speed (no pun intended), and GT1 & 2 sure satisfied that need in the 90’s. It’s games like these, with the combination of nostalgia and innovation, that makes me happy I sold my DS for a PSP.

Here’s another trailer, focusing more on the game itself:

Sure, I know the graphics won’t be as great as the trailer promises, but it’s the idea of the whole feel of it, having GT on the go, on my PSP at all times, that I find really exciting.

And the closer and closer the release date gets, the more news comes out. At, THIS article shows a few cars in exclusive decal that you will have the luxury of chosing from as bonus content for pre-ordering GT. A Nissan GT-R Spec V 09 in Metallic Blue? *Drool*

So yes, it is a long ways ahead, about 2 more months, but it sure is getting me all excited. And it seems that Sony’s doing one heck of a job keeping the hype for this game with its consistent release of news. Probably due to the two main competetors coming out on the PSP in September; Drift 2 and Need for Speed Shift. Hmm, come to think of it, Dirt on the PSP? ANOTHER Need for Speed game? They’ll keep me preoccupied until October 1, surely…

So ’til later, friends!


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