Things We Take For Granted: Slurpees and Brain Freeze

On a hot summer day, a day you just wanna take all your clothes off and run around in your neighbor’s sprinkler-system, there’s nothing like living a few meters away from a 7-Eleven. In the past 2 years, I’ve had the luxury of living close to such an establishment since it provides me with 2 things:

1) A smoking-hot cup of coffee/french vanilla/mocha to go.




Slurpees are right there at that back-aisle in 7-Eleven, where you can actually pour one for yourself. In true human fashion, we go crazy and overload the poor jumbo-cup, much like how we go crazy when ordering for all-you-can-eat sushi. No matter how much you slurp off the top, it seems like a bottomless pit of icy goodness. Mmmm…. 10:20pm and I’m suddenly craving for one.

For a mere $2, you could probably get a nice jumbo cup going. That’s the beauty of it all; it’s cheap and accessible, just like the drugs in your grandma’s bathroom. With movie tie-ins you can get limited-edition slurpee cups and straws, costing extra of course, but full worth the novelty. At this moment, they’ve got G.I. Joe cups and straws alongside leftovers from Terminator Salvation, Wolverine, and Transformers 2. This is just a bonus, I guess, to the actual reason people go and buy these frozen delights.

I seriously can’t stress this enough, though: for half the price of bubbletea, a nice big cup of Slurpee is sure sounding good. And as much flavours as there are of bubbletea, there’s a wide selection for Slurpee as well. The usual Mountain Dew and Pepsi is there, then the occassional Mirinda Orange and Fruit Punch. Sometimes they have Lime or Cherry, even Bubblegum, if you’re into that. Geez, talk about a barrel of monkeys. Okay, I won’t go there. But seriously, there’s a whole selection of flavours, which seems like a whole lot of trouble for something that has generally the same effect on you anyway. That’s right, THE BRAINFREEZE.

World domination's never been this easy.

World domination's never been this easy.

Slurpees are made just the same. For years, 7-Eleven’s singlehandedly brought the world at its feet with this product. The trick was to slowly chill drinks until they become slushy in texture, just like newly-downed snow. I remember my professor in Geology showing us the mechanism in nature to form such slushy precipitate, but I don’t remember exactly how it was drawn. Let’s just say that inside every Slurpee dispenser is a miniature icy wonderland. A wonderland hell-bent on destroying our Pterygopalatine Ganglion.

The Pterygopalatine Ganglion is a group of parasympathetic nerves mostly consentrated in the region we recognize to be “that place behind the nose”. Its nerve fibers branch out and are rooted in the maxillary, palate, nasal cavity and sinuses. This is why if cold things in general (ice cream, for example) come into contact with such nerves (general location: lower dorsal oral cavity, palate), a sensation of pain is perceived.

Ah yes, the anatomy of pain.

And before I get a bit more bio-geek, I shall revert to my main point: I WANT A SLURPEE NOW. 10:40pm and I am still craving for one. If you’ve got the time and chance to grab one soon, look for them special G.I. Joe hologram cups and straws. I believe they’ve got Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, The Baroness, and Duke+Ripcord+Sigma6suits for cups. The straws are awesome though, with figurines of the Baroness, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and Duke actually attached to the side. I’m grabbing myself a Snake Eyes straw tomorrow!



So ’til next time, later!


2 Responses

  1. Hey Robby, I was quite offended by the comment that you made about the bubble tea. I believe that it is all a matter of preference. Thanks about that pain sensor part. It was very informative. Oh, one more thing, isn’t it frikkin? Not friggin? I’m out.


    • LOL, don’t get me wrong though, Bubbletea dominates my nights as compared to Slurpees… Again, it’s one of them “things we take for granted” 😉
      And about friggin’… friggin’, frickin’, frikkin’, frackin’, it’s all the same, all to avoid actual usage of the f-word eh? I just put “friggin'” on top of my friggin’ list :p

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