July is: Comic Con ’09 (WISH I WAS THERE)

Lazy lazy day, so I thought I’d check out what I was missing in San Diego. I swear, this just rubs it in, but next year, I vow to save up and go! July is Comic Con month!!!!!


So I first rub it in by applying a bit of youtuber delights Shaycarl (who quickly showed me how random people can be), Communitychannel (who reminded me of Battlestar Galactica and how interesting it actually sounds),  and KassemG (who has the funniest yet more insulting coverage of the comic con’s costumed citizens).  The more I see them costume-wearing geeks over there, the more I wanna join in. Makes me wonder: who’ll I dress up as when I get there? I could go as Adam from Adam and Eve, but that’d be frowned-upon by society, especially my religious leaders. Of course the more important question would be “how do I want to be remembered as ‘that guy from Comic Con ’09’?”

And of course, I turn to Olivia Munn for more coverage of the event… ‘Nuff said; I WANNA BE THERE. NOW.


Here’s some Comic Con ’09 info


article-0-05DC70C1000005DC-244_468x326article-0-05DC70FF000005DC-253_468x286Of course, you can tell that there will be some homosexual action just by looking at Jake’s face.

Speaking of homosexual action…

2) Seth Rogan is THE GREEN HORNET

IT’S FINALLY HAPPENED!!!! I remember last year I wondered when they were going to remake The Green Hornet, ‘coz I remember that was a pretty bad-ass show when I used to watch it. They’re still looking for a Kato though. In an interview on G4tv Seth say’s there’s gonna be a bit of laughs on this one, and thinking back, it really was a pretty random vigilante show.


I didn’t watch the first Tron yet, but this reminds me that I should, ‘coz if The Warriors proved to deserve that cult following, then Tron might too.

4) Lost’s last season is cooooming…

Sadly, you’ve gotta watch all 5 seasons before this, ‘coz it’s gonna explode  your mind even more if you tried to grasp the concept on your own. You have a few months; it’s not until 2010. Go.

5) Jennifer’s Body looks cool… So does the movie-adaptation of Kick-Ass, starring the one and only McLovin’ the yummy cheeseburger.

6) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Assassin’s Creed 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, DC Universe Online. WOW.

And basically that’s what floats my boat from the Comic Con.



2 Responses

  1. Dude if you’re going, I’m coming with you!

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