WTF JAPAN: Too Weird, It’s Cheerful

I feel like a bit Japan tonight. Was that a fail Engrish sentence? Ohooo, you haven’t read anything yet, it’ll only get worse as I post more and more for… Tan-tananan, WTF JAPAN!

I remember being in first year in university and a bunch of my friends would send this video like it was viral:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(Subtitles are in Spanish or Portuguese or something, so up to now, all I can understand is “I wanna be a popstar”)

His name’s Ken Hirai, and he’s a talented R&B Singer from Japan. He’s got 7 albums, a compilation album, and I think around 20 singles under his belt. He’s the real deal. This video of his can rival Western music videos ANY day. Then again, I don’t really watch today’s music videos much.

It did entertain us for a bunch of Biology lab sessions we didn’t wanna do, so hey. We never did get to do that synchronized dancing along the steps of the local study-hall. This video brings back so much memories, it’s pretty funny it affected the mood of everyone back then. Aaaaaah yes, the years when we were young…

Then there’s this:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

NYUKI NYUKI! Hot-daaaaaaaaamn, these 2 girls are kinda annoying, yet adorable at the same time. CURSE YOU NYUKI NYUKI! Only in Japan can you find girls who want to grow up the world for the peace.

And oh, check this out:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I love how at the beginning they have the communal bathroom stall sign. This scores high in the WTF JAPAN scale, but you’ve gotta admit, you did kinda smirk at least when they started singing. Close your eyes and listen to the music. It’s pretty awesome Japanese-Robot-Theme music. The group’s called “Yazima Beauty Salon”, if you’re wondering and want to see more vids. It’s ok, I know you want to, you don’t have to pretend. Here’s another one:

Okay, I’ll stop with the Japanese transvestites. In their defense, they seem to be pretty popular in Japan.

And now for the classic “Do Not Laugh”:

These are the guys who inspired “The Silent Library” adaptation here in the West. Of course, nothing beats the original. Wait, actually, nothing beats JAPAN in general. I watched this specific one countless times, and it still makes me laugh. Coincidentally, I watched this about 6 times in the university library and was snickering so hard, it was just… Well… Not proper behaviour for a Silent Library. AHAHAHAHA, I made a funny. So hey, type up “Do Not Laugh” on youtube to kill what I estimate to be about 10 hours of your life in total.

That’s all for now, and I predict your life has just been made more cheerful.

True dat.


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