The Hottest Season Brings Fireworks. Hot-Damn. Yay Tourism.

Since I missed the big fireworks show last Wednesday, here we are…

331704912_c80ba0e021Oh… Wait, I meant:

Click on the image to see more Epic Fireworks

Click on the image to see more Epic Fireworks

The HSBC Celebration of Light is a yearly lights-show and competition at the English Bay, with Canada competing against the likes of South Africa, The UK, and China. Okay, that was all of them, I over-estimated. I thought our friendly neighbors in the South would like to join our display of firearms. Sadly, the US fireworks-division representative said all fireworks were currently launched into North Korea and the Middle East.

Since it’s Canada’s home turf, I’d expect that Canada would “win” this spectacle. Of course, I wasn’t personally there and I’m quite disappointed, but I didn’t exactly know how big a thing this was until I suggested me and a bunch of my friends drive there an hour before it started. How was I supposed to know a bunch of roads would be closed? This time last year, I was vacationing in the Philippines, and I’ve only been here for 2 years, so yeah. FAIL.

I heard it was awesome though, and Canada displayed their arms to the tune of The Wizard of Oz’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. I imagined it would have mixed the said picture above with this:

331704912_c80ba0e021Oh wait, I mean this:

Oh... I didn't know he was Asian.

Oh... I didn't know he was Asian.

Next year, though, watch out world, because I’m gonna head over there with bells on! As in literally, I’ll be wearing bells around my neck so my friends can “follow the tinkling sound” in the crowd. That’s just how we roll.

For those of you in the Lower Mainland IN CANADA (sorry old chums who haven’t headed over here… Yet.) who want to catch the remaining shows, these are the following show dates:

July 25th – SOUTH AFRICA
August 1st – CHINA

All shows start at 10pm (I think), but I advise you to head down there 1-2 hours before the actual thing, because I hear it gets really crowded down there.

And of course, the Cheshire Cat makes an appearance because TIM BURTON’S ALICE IN WONDERLAND TRAILER’S OUT! Wooooooohooo, something to talk about in the next post… ‘Til later then!


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