WTF JAPAN: Dressing Up On The Streets

Just woke up to this surprisingly cold morning… So before heading to gym, I thought I’d share some warmth… In the form of WTF JAPAN!


One thing I will surely do when I get the chance to visit Japan is dress up as some masked character and parade the streets with an old-skool boombox. For now I was thinking Bumblebee from Transformers (and Transformers 2! OH EM GEE, him!).

Here are a bunch of videos I stumbled upon just now (having initially wanted to simply see funny Olivia Munn videos, I ended up expanding my search):

Click HERE to see Olivia Munn running around in a Wonder Woman costume.


If you can immediately tell, Japan seems to be the best place to do this because people walk around like they’re EXPECTING WTF-moments to happen. It’s nothing new that a 10-foot Hello Kitty mascot is walking around with REAL BLOOD smeared all over it.

WTF Japan. I love you.


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