Pokemon, gotta catch EVERYTHING!!!!


NOBODY on Earth knows not what a Pokemon is. Don’t pretend.

Yep, you read right, a double-negative, OH EM GEE! Yes, I swear, kids in EVERY (internet-capable) country would know either what a Pokemon is or who Pikachu looks like. And who in their 20’s-30’s right now had never played (or knows of a person who did at least) that godforsaken game. I am proud to say that I played Pokemon when it came out in the Gameboy Color. Yes, sure, Pokemon’s been around since the 1st-generation Gameboy, but I didn’t even know WHERE to get one; at my age I thought all video game consoles came form Hong Kong, since I only got our Sega Saturn when my dad made a trip there. But I’m digressing, so I’ll bring it back to point.

Pokemon is that simple catch-and-battle standard role-playing game that came out specifically for the Gameboy, thus the “Pocket” in “Pocket Monsters” (which, if you didn’t know, was the literal basis for Japan’s coining of the term “Pokemon”). It wasn’t until the Gameboy Color, I think, that it gained its superpowers in the industry since it gave everyone a chance to play it, with the Gameboy having a more wallet-friendly price than its initial release. I remember getting the game one afternoon, I don’t exactly know what occasion, and I played it IMMEDIATELY, playing for a day straight, without stopping even to eat our afternoon snack. Oh wait, I think I did.

Bottom line of this brief history is that from the first time I played it up until now, I’ve played through the original Pokemon Red version 4 times, and I’m playing through it again now…

Pokemon has such a classic feel to it, even if it’s been around pretty recently. Nowadays it’s more than 1,000,000 Pokemon out there for children all around the world to annoy the hell out of their parents into buying them that Level-1billion Pokemon card or the newest Pokemon Rainbow. I am proud to say that I memorize only the original 152 Pokemon by name and look. I am part of the ORIGINAL Pokemasters, and not a pretentious noOb trainer like that 3-year-old next door. No, I am Ash Kechum, or whatever his name was. I have no clue what region or island I’m on, all I know is I have to catch 150 Pokemon, then kill the crap out of the 151st and the 152nd.

Who the heck... is that Simba?

Who the heck... is that Simba?

The funny thing was that Pokemon didn’t stop as a game and had to seep into our society like a plague. Maybe it is. Definitely it is. Pokemon’s made armies out of children and adults alike, with the simple catchphrase “gotta catch ’em all”. What’s sad is that for some, this catchphrase has either replaced G.I. Joe’s “and now you know, and knowing is half the battle”, or totally eradicated the said catchphrase by being THE catchphrase for generation noOb. I know what it is… With a catchphrase that goes with and for ANYTHING in life, it’s bound to go down the history books as one of the most inferred video game/toy/movie/tv series line. Might I add, it’s great as a “your mom” joke.

Now, the only thing little Tony had to do was "collect" the girl next door...

Now, the only thing left for little Tony to "collect" was the girl next door...

This is my most-favorite example of how Pokemania has helped our generation of students strive for everything that is good:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So here I am, in the season I feel most nostalgic, playing Pokemon Red again (okay, Pokemon FIRE Red. Don’t ask me why there’s an element there, ‘coz I don’t friggin’ know man). Gosh darn it, I wasn’t going to, ‘coz I know when I start, I won’t stop. Alas, I miss my Charmander.

Not to be confused with "Pokemon Blood Red"

Not to be confused with "Pokemon Blood Red"

Pokemon will bring world peace. And probably the apocalypse.

(OH! On a sidenote, the word “Pokemon” is actually in the spell-check dictionary here in wordpress)


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  1. I went all nostalgic about Pokémon yesterday… like “OH MY BEAUTIFUL POKÉMON GAMES, I ADORE YOU ALL” and stuff.

    I feel so proud I played the GB games when they were kinda new… also that I could watch the 1st season on TV when it was 100% new!!!

    Awesome ♥

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