Jake Gyllenhaal: The Prince of Persia



I’m probably the last to know of this, but hey, this is news to me!

I was reading some stuff on this, ‘coz I think this is just going to totally rock the socks off Brokeback Mountain. Okay, probably rock even more off than socks… Maybe cowboys’ jackets, pants, horses, and other unmentionables (hint: something that rhymes with Enis). Just looking at the movie poster, I can tell that, like his co-star, the late Heath Ledger and his role as the Joker in The Dark Night, Jake Gyllenhaal was BORN to play this role.



Okay, maybe not “born”. An interview on Entertainment Tonight has him saying that he “over-prepared” for the role. Well, so~ooorry… Even the Skrulls of the Marvel Universe would never claim that… And they fail, after all that prep. (For all of you, because I reckon there’s only a handful out there who actually follow the main Marvel storyline, the Skrulls are a race of mutants who believe that Earth is their “promised land”, and that to save their race, especially after the war against the Kree empire, they had to exterminate us Earthlings. To make a loooooong story short, superheroes fell, villains helped, villains overpowered Skrulls, Skrulls lost. And now Marvel’s experiencing its “Dark Reign” under villains. Bow.)

Never have I been this excited for an action-adventure movie that depicts ancient times since The 300. Okay, Prince of Persia wasn’t historic, but the video game sure was… And anything set in sandy places will surely rock (except for The Mummy 3: Return of The Jet Lee).

And now, in less than a year’s time (May, 2010), millions of kids will see just how bloody a Walt Disney movie can be.

This isn’t your grandma’s Aladin.


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