Olivia Munn VS. Kari Byron From Mythbusters!

Happy late-night to all you zombies out there!

I did a previous post on Olivia Munn and thought “which other ultra-cool media gals might hold a candle next to the geek-tastic Olivia Munn?”. The answer, of course, came to me on the chillaxin’ day that was yesterday. Sitting in the living-room of a friend, we started to watch Mythbusters (and I won’t begin to explain the show, because shame on you for clicking on “The Geekaround” without knowing what it was already). Yesterday marked the 40th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s Lunar landings., and Mythbusters found it fit to make a whole episode dedicated to disprove its hoax-ness. So hey, they did it, and we really did land on the Moon.

But that’s not the point. The main point was that Kari Byron was in that episode.

Hayley Williams from Paramore in 5-6 years

Hayley Williams from Paramore in about 5-6 years

Kari Byron looked like a really bubbly and smart person on the show, not to mention totally geeky, so I went out and checked her homepage, and I did not find what I had expected… She’s apparently an artist based in San Francisco, who’s specializations include clay art and metals and what have you. So hey, the neat thing is that she’s an artsy lady, and not a super-physicist, as most nerds make her up to be. How you want to take that, as positive or negative, I leave all up to you. Geek or not, she’s smokin’ like liquid nitrogen!

So Kari versus Olivia… I’ve got to say, Ms. Munn takes the trophy home for best homepage and geekiness, not to mention she’s tooootally AAAASIAAAAAAN, WOOHOO!!!!!! Kari, though, has some fight in her, probably because I think redheads are sweet, and she’s A FRIGGIN’ MYTHBUSTER. And although Olivia’s a ninja, Kari let the Mythbuster guys strap an ultra-sensitive microphone to her but to bust the myth “Do Girls Fart” (part 1, part 2). I guess we’ll have to settle it in a more socially acceptable manner…

Let’s see here… Kari has appeared in an issue of FHM and was featured in their 100 Most Sexiest Women in 2007 and 2008. Olivia, on the other hand, has done Men’s Health, Complex Magazine (don’t ask, I don’t know), Vanity Fair, countless more magazines + Maxim, awarded a spot in Maxim’s top 100 women (although even if they were 2 totally different lists, Kari actually landed a spot higher than Olivia), and posed in FRIGGIN’ PLAYBOY.


Olivia Munn does cosplay!


Kari Byron does... Well, she'd make a good lab partner.

Olivia, you win. SPINNING STAR KICK!

Kari, you’re an  awesome second. Good luck at that thingamajob you do, because Olivia will never be able to produce art as dark and disturbing as your clay dolls. And okay, you wear that lab coat in an awesome way, I’ll give you that.

Kari sure knows how to handle them balls of clay... and mold 'em into... This... Thing...

Kari sure knows how to handle them balls of clay... and mold 'em into... This... Thing...

Ok, again, I’ve got it out of my system. Time to sleep.

Good night zombies!


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