Hating Hate By Numbers Hating Unhated Ignorables

Happy birthday sun-children!

Since the beginning of time (or let’s just say that I can’t remember), I’ve been frequenting Cracked.com a whole lot to kill most of my unnecessary hours of the day. This morning I open the page and see another installment of one of its video segments, Hate By Numbers.



Hate By Numbers is a video series dedicated to the fine art of hating. Each time, they pick something off our pop-culture list and bash it continuously. I don’t know exactly what the appeal originally was to me, or to anyone else as a matter of fact. Basically it lists down and states what it finds wrong in a certain video or celebrity news story. Nothing I’d really consider as worthy of my attention, and yet I click on the link time and time again to see what the host has to say this time…

For today’s Hate By Numbers, the host talks about the new Black Eyed Peas single I Got A Feeling. I won’t lie, I think that song’s grown on me, because I think that’s a pretty awesome brainless-singing/dancing song, and it gets the blood rushing, much like their Boom Boom Pow or Pump It, especially while driving. He starts dissing it, though, in a way that’s actually kind of low: attacking the way the chorus is sung everywhere. For one thing, it’s a chorus. Another is that the way words are repeated isn’t a sign of lack of writing skills, it’s a sign of big money coming in from an ingenious way of writing music that sucks the living hell out of the general masses. Basically, he goes on claiming things annoy him in the video and song, but then you can tell that he, or whoever writes this crap, is milking the topic for all it’s worth; making a fuss out of something better off left alone, for that matter. (Check out when the host talks about the “let’s do it” part of the song. Haha, it’s idiotic criticism at its best)

Check out what I mean HERE

What’s funny is it actually got a TON of diggs. REALLY?!??

It’s like most “tweeny sitcoms” on Nickelodeon: NOT FUNNY.

Oh, maybe you’re saying “c’mon, I bet he actually had some substance in previous videos”, but nooooo. I went on a little search for older posts, and I came across one of his news-bashing videos on a teacher/bikini-escort report done by CNN.

Click HERE to check it out.

Again, the same antics, starting from below-the-belt dissing to cheap commenting on perfectly-natural news-worthy behaviour. I mean he DOES make points, it’s just that it gets old pretty fast. (And I’ve got to disagree on his starting comment, I DO think it’s a hard story to report on… Bikini-clad teachers need more news coverage! It’s a living.)

Anyways, Hate By Numbers is only a small portion of the Cracked.com library, and what’s more noteworthy is its funny articles and “top-10-or-so” lists of things (like THIS and THIS), so check them articles up!

DO click

DO click

This is Hating Hate By Numbers, and that’s all… for now…


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