I Wasn’t Gonna Talk About Harry Potter But…

Good evening bookworms!

I just watched Harry Potter this evening, and let me just say that it was a good movie. I wasn’t going to divulge into the storyline, since I didn’t read the books past Book 4 and I don’t want to claim I know stuff I have no idea on, so I guess I’ll just comment on the movie itself.

Shia LaBeuf did a superb acting job on his role as Harry Potter, as did Megan Fox as she returns to her role as Hermione Granger. Carrot Top had not much dialogue whatsoever as Ron Weasley though, which made me pretty sad, as I was expecting a bunch of props to be pulled out for cheap gags at one point or another.

PSYCH! What, you’d seriously believe that I’d forget EMMA WATSON?!??!? She’s probably one of the only few good reasons for watching the Harry Potter series on the big screen!

All the actors did a good job, and Ron was still the ever-so-distressed character, even more so as Rupert seemed to get progressively paler each movie. Daniel was ok, but his acting’s always been “meh” anyway, with his shaky and sometimes really unsure way of acting his character. Emma comes back on-screen with even more acting, which is good considering we see her acting skills grow through each movie, and this latest one we see her at her best so far.

I really, really wished I knew what was going to happen next, but the video-gamer and gym-buff in me’s not giving me extra time to actually pick up Book 7 and start reading it. Oh well, just a year ’til the next movie comes out… Maybe I’ll wait for that.

I’ve gotta mention the very colourful cast of characters that surrounded me and my friend in the movie house; a group of obnoxious highschool douchebags behind us, a girl with a smart mouth beside us (I thought she was going to fight the guys behind us), and a really annoying PDA-ing (Public Display of Affection) couple IN FRONT of us. I swear, half the time I wanted to bash the boyfriend on the head. EVERY frickin’ time there’d be a “lovey-dovey” moment on-screen, or even a quick referral to love, he’d swoop in for a 5-second make-out session. Please. Get a room.

I’m done for the night. Or am I?


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