Hasbro’s White Chick

Happy sunshine to all you meddling kids out there!

Today I just thought I’d talk a bit about how I find it simply AWESOME that I picked up a MARLON WAYANS G.I.JOE ACTION FIGURE last week!


It was a totally impromptu buy, walking around Toys-R-Us on a boring afternoon. I saw it and thought to myself “how many people could say that they have a White Chick as a G.I.Joe figure?” I know that the answer to that is probably a good few million, but almost half of them buyers out there are small children ready to open and play with the figure as soon as they got home. I, of course, am leaving mine sealed and carded, thank you!

Seriously, how does one go from this:


Marlon Wayans in Scary Movie...

… To this:

Where'd the 'fro go?

Where'd the 'fro go?

… To this(!!!!???!?):

There we go

There we go

Marlon Wayans is awesome. Ripcord… Wasn’t he white? This fact made me think twice about buying the figure, since I wasn’t a huge fan of the Ripcord in comics anyway. But then again, I thought of the fact that it’s MARLON FRICKIN’ WAYANS as a figure, so it won my vote!

Now who wouldn't want a 3&1/2-inch version of that(right)?

Now who wouldn't want a 3&1/2-inch version of that?

The figure itself looks pretty well-carved, with details given to the accelerator suit here and there. I’m a big fan of the helmets, as they look like they were taken straight out of the Halo video games. He comes with an assault rifle and some kind of bazooka thing, which shoots out a plastic projectile via springs, just like in the olden days of early-90’s Joes. I must say, they did a great job sculpting the head (which is the ONLY thing that visibly resembles the Wayans brother). Upon close inspection, the head really does capture his look.

I somehow enjoyed the Scary Movie series, laughed my ass off in White Chicks, and enjoyed his bald brother’s sitcom “My Wife and Kids”, so it was an amusing and novel purchase, this 3&1/2-inch Joe in Marlon Wayans’ image. I recommend grabbing one, if buying any of the movie Joes at all.

Now, what this figure on the market means is that we can mod its head off and jam it onto a Scarlett body, glue on the Baroness’ hair, paint it up, and tah-dah, we’ve got a White Chick figure!



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