FIRST POST! The Xbox 360 Wins.

Good evening all you meddling kids!

Welcome to the debut of The Geekaround, a mix of comic, toy, music, videogame reviews, mashed up with bodybuilding and music performance tips. A whole lot to absorb? Well, soak it up like Spongebob, ‘coz that’s just the way it’s gonna be.

To start things off, I’d like to talk about my (obviously biased) opinion on the whole Xbox 360 V.S. PS3 thing going on in the video game industry. I am proud to say that I own an Xbox 360, and I couldn’t be happier! The Xbox 360 is a 7th-generation gaming console that came out earlier than its rivals from Sony and Nintendo, the PS3 and Wii respectively. Following the 6th-generation, all 7th-gen consoles are backwards compatible with their predecessors, which bumps up the games-library up immediately after release. Of course, this means that on my Xbox 360, I can play all the Xbox classics together with my 360 library. There are a ton of Xbox classics like Fable and Halo that are enough to sway a person towards the 360’s shelf rather than the PS3’s. Sure, Metal Gear and Resistance on the PS3 are really good games, not to mention free online play, but the 360’s capabilities quickly match up to the former, especially with Halo under its belt.

xbox360controllerThe controller of the 360, which is a sleeker version of the previous Xbox’s, fit in your hand perfectly, and trigger buttons are positioned at the left and right comfortably to mimic that of guns, which makes it ideal for first-person shooters. The thumbs rest perfectly on both analog sticks, and with a quick flick of thumb-positions, hover easily over the a,b,x,y buttons, as well as the directional pad. The rest of the fingers wrap perfectly around the ends of the controller, allowing a perfect, firm grip on it, which I find is crucial to the gaming experience and overall reflex performance. All in all, I think that the controller is what makes the system hardware, and the Xbox 360’s outshines the Dual Axis Dual Shock 3 controllers of the PS3 (which feels like air, if you’re into that… I don’t enjoy the sleek design, which makes it feel fragile) any day.

That’s it for now, a brief introduction and quick review of the Xbox 360’s controller.



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